Move Management Solutions

The world is changing at a scary pace. Organisations have the option to remain static or come along for the ride and prosper. More often than not, this means reconfiguring your strategy and the people within your organisation.

If approached the wrong way, churn and relocations can be a very stressful, tedious, and expensive process. If approached the right way, you can get on doing what you do best – your core area of business.

Whether you’re moving 5 people or reshuffling over 500, we have the personnel, systems and expertise to deliver. Here’s a few little extra reasons you should consult Mobius for a churn solution for your business.

Industry leading pricing – Like all other areas of our business, we have our finger on the pulse. We know who charges what and their strengths and weaknesses. Our pricing will not be beaten by a competitor.

Response – We have the personnel in place to handle a move request that very day if you submit it before 12pm.

End to end quality – Ever had someone moving boxes around your floor that couldn’t read a floor plan? We know your frustration. From the very moment we’re engaged for a small move or project, EVERY person involved from our side is switched on with moves and churn.

Follow-up – All large moves by our team include a FREE next business day post-move consultation to ensure all went smoothly. If on the rare occasion it didn’t, we will have a team on standby ready to rectify any deficiencies that have been noted.

As you can tell, we take service seriously. Moving things isn’t rocket science, nor is it an art. It’s attention to detail, robust processes, swift movement, and exceptional customer service. If you don’t want your productivity hampered by some corporate cowboys – come and talk to us.

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