Our Service Philosophy

We know just how frustrating it is to work with companies that do some things well, and others rather poorly. This can create headaches when deciding how to manage your portfolio and which contractors to engage. Our service philosophy has five key components to ensure that these concerns never enter your mind again.

Response - In order for a business to focus on their core area of business, facility faults require a prompt response in order to avoid downtime and productivity losses. A simple flickering light can cause irritation for some, and serious health concerns for others. We understand just how important response time is for the productivity and safety of your organisation or client. We understand that each organisation will prioritise the same type of fault differently and cater our response times in line with your requirements.

Quality - We view all of our client partnerships as just that, a partnership. An enduring business relationship with a long-term outlook. It is in the best interest of both parties that we complete work to a superior standard from the outset. This mitigates the need for repeat callouts for the same issue, as well as the obvious safety concerns for work not completed to an appropriate standard initially.

Value - In a business climate of increased overheads, businesses are increasingly analysing their operations in an attempt to reduce costs. We are aware of just how much some businesses spend on their facility maintenance unnecessarily. Whether it be coordinating for periodic lighting sweeps of your floor to save on lighting call-outs or simply saving you money on our competitive rates, we guarantee to help your bottom line with no surprises when the invoice arrives.

Commitment - As outlined, quality workmanship is a strong component of what Mobius FM offers to it’s clients. Of course, there may be instances where a return call is necessary or something isn’t quite fixed to what was originally desired. We are more than happy to return at absolutely no charge in these circumstances, ensuring that we offer you absolute commitment every step of the way.

Flexibility - A key component of our service philosophy is tailoring solutions that meet your functional and financial needs. Whether you engage us on an emergency basis where response is the key concern or whether you require a full-time onsite handyman - we can make it happen. No client is ever too small or too large for our team to service.
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