Embrace Your Workspace

Business isn’t just completed in boardrooms. The desks, shelves and chairs of your team are where the magic happens. It’s where deals are made; follow-up phone calls occur and work gets done every day. Remarkably, organisations typically only allocate 1% of their financial resources to their office furniture. However, research is continuing to emerge that suggests a properly furnished workspace can account for increases of up to 50% in collaboration and productivity.

At Mobius FM we believe in assisting our clients create that magic in the most happy of environments through our extensive range of high quality office furniture products. Throughout our years in the industry, we have secured the supply of many top brand office seating and workstation brands, including our flagship product Sedus. Mobius are proud to be an exclusive dealer for Sedus, an absolute pioneer within Europe that is now making serious waves within the Australian marketplace.

When you purchase an office chair through our team, you not only receive a high quality product that meets the highest of OHS and ergonomic standards, you also receive a 10 year warranty. That’s our ongoing, long-term commitment to all of our clients. No more service calls and expensive repairs that cost nearly the entire cost of your chair. Our cutting edge furniture won't just save your back - it will save you serious dollars.

Enquire today to discuss with our team about how we can assist with your office furniture requirements. From entry level, right through to the leading designer brands of Europe - we deliver. For further information on the product ranges of the brands that we carry, please click on their respective logos to the left.
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