24/7 Incident Management

One of the key selling points of Mobius is our 24/7 availability and response. In addition to being available every single second of every single day - we offer an integrated incident managment service for emergency situations.From air conditioning faults in your communications rooms, through to broken windows and break-ins from delinquents - we manage the process from the first contact and provide you with a detailed incident report the following business day.

Some of the core advantages of this approach include:

Cost Effectiveness - As with all of our pricing, our after hours response pricing is fixed per trade type, on a national level. If you need a broken window boarded up, you will pay the same 'response fee' in Sydney or Bourke.

Simple Coordination - No longer do you need to coordinate multiple trade types to manage the one after hour incident. We pick up the pieces (literally sometimes) and manage every trade necessary.

Concise Reporting - The next business day arrives and you've received an email from the head of property wanting a detailed summary of last night's incident. We know how it is - which is why we do all the tedious work and have the exact details ready for you (and your boss). This includes every trade type engaged, how long they were on site, and respective job notes. Your incident report will also include any necessary or recommended next steps, if applicable.
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