Health + Safety

Health and safety are crucial considerations for any organisation in the developed world in the 21st century. From chair selection, to appropriate water filters and air quality. Seemingly minor aspects of the design and operating procedures of a workplace can exert a major influence on the wellbeing of employees.

Just as we pay careful attention to our business model, our rates, and our quality workmanship, all of these would be rendered insignificant if we didn't give health and safety the attention it requires. Whilst most companies operating within the built environment will provide assurances that they are aware of health and safety, what exactly does this mean?

At the most basic level, all Mobius staff and contractors are compliant with Facility Management Australia's (FMA) requirements for adherence to health and safety in the workplace, including:

  • Apply systematic approaches to health and safety management
  • Design workplaces to minimise risk to personnel and to develop work practices that further reduce
   risks to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable
  • Implement effective controls to manage identified hazards
  • Develop and maintain the competence of personnel to control risks
  • Develop appropriate systems and train personnel to deal with and recover from potential
  • Demonstrate compliance with applicable occupational health and safety laws

Essentially, all Mobius staff are trained in the 'Mobius Way', with an awareness of all relevant legislation for their specific trade and worktype. We ensure that not only are our team compliant with all legislation when completing work, but insist on them actively reporting on any hazards they identify when working in your space - irrespective of whether it is related to their particular task.

Mobius has also recently been granted CM3 certification as a service provider. The CM3 platform is Australia's largest contractor safety management portal managed by Noel Arnold & Associates, one of Australia's leading specialists in occupational health and safety risk management. CM3 addresses the need for both contractors; and the organisations they conduct work for to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities, along with providing assistance for organisations to better manage their contractors around health and safety requirements. This is indicative of Mobius' unwavering commitment to occuptional health and safety and the processes and safeguards that underpin this.

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