LED Sign

When Mobius was first approached to project manage the upgrade of Aon’s 201 Kent Street’s sky signage, there was immediate excitement in the air. The first project of its kind for us, we needed to impress.
The initial objective was to do a simple refurb of the existing dated neon technology, however after some research, we found that we could use a new ground breaking LED technology that would cost a little more to begin with, however provide vast cost savings in the future and also a WOW factor like no other!
Below a just some of the amazing benifits that helped convince us in our decision process:

1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Generation 4 LEDs consume far less energy than standard light bulbs, leading to greatly reduced energy costs using approx 30% of the power that fluro's and neon use i.e. a set of 4 36 watt fluros equal 132watts of power, to achieve the level of illumination with LEDs the power consumption is 42 watts. LEDs also require far less energy to manufacture than other light sources, reducing the environmental impact of artificial lighting still further.

2. LONG LIFE: Even in hostile conditions, the typical working life of an LED can be several tens of thousands of hours. Most incandescent bulbs expire after just a couple of thousand hours, in the case of domestic bulbs and in as little as a few tens of hours for torch bulbs. Also LEDs don't suddenly burn out like tungsten sources - they slowly fade over time, giving ample opportunity to plan replacements

3. RELIABILITY: The filament in a normal bulb is a very fragile object, easily broken by a sudden shock or "soft" drop. An LED is encased in virtually unbreakable high strength optical grade resin. There is no glass or filament to break, making LED light sources perfect for rugged or demanding environments or installations where access is difficult like our roof. In addition, our LEDS are imbedded into a special backing plate designed to create a plasma like effect, so even in the rare case where an LED may fail, it will go unnoticed as there will be no spotting. And unlike your existing neon signage which operates at a high voltage in this case 15,000 volts, Generation 4 LEDs operate at 12 volts DC.

4. ECONOMY: Despite its initial higher price, our new sign will offer significant savings in the long term, particularly in terms of reduced energy and maintenance costs.

5. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our new sign will benefit the environment as it consumes 30% of the power it did before and Generation 4 LEDs are completely free of dangerous or environmentally-harmful chemicals. In addition the low power requirements make them ideal for solar or wind power installations which is another option to consider inr the future.

6. BETTER SAFETY AND SECURITY: The low level of heat produced and low voltages used by LEDs make them a far safer source of light. No glass to break, no hot filament, no gas or candle flames and no noxious fumes. We all remember what happened to Price Waterhouse Coopers!

7. FUTURE: Finally, Aon is taking charge by joining the leaders in green thinking. Most sky signs produced are still made from fluros, a technology first produced by Nikolai Tesla way back in the nineteenth century!

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